Phase One Of Easing Covid-19 Restrictions Begins On Schedule

The government have confirmed that it is safe to proceed with Phase 1 of their plan to ease the COVID-19 restrictions, starting on Monday next.

Same progress, however, comes with a strict warning with same depending on all of us doing what we have been doing over the past number of weeks. Remember, as we come into contact with more people over the coming weeks, the opportunity for the virus to once again spread, greatly increases.

What is permitted under Phase 1?

Those working outdoors, like builders and gardeners will be able to return to work.
Some retail outlets – such as garden centres, hardware stores, electrical stores and repair shops for bicycles & motor vehicles can reopen.
Some outdoor sporting activities, involving small groups with a maximum of four people, will also be allowed.
Outdoor public sports amenities such as football and rugby pitches, tennis courts and golf courses can reopen, where social distancing can be maintained.
Outdoor public amenities and tourism sites, where people are “non-stationary” and can maintain social distancing, can reopen.
It will be possible to meet up to four friends and/or family from other households in an outdoor setting, while maintaining current strict social distancing.
Employees are only to go to work if your workplace is open and they can’t work from home.
Members of the public are also being urged to wear face coverings when on public transport and in enclosed spaces.

In a statement issued by the Government earlier this month, they stated: “As a country, we can only move from one phase to the next, if the virus stays under control between each phase.”
Today they further reiterated that there remains a long-term need for social distancing, for good hand hygiene, for respiratory hygiene, regular cleaning and for people to stay at home and isolate immediately if found to be sick with similar virus symptoms.


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