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Teen Arrested Following Tipperary Multi-Vehicle Collision

A man in his late teens was arrested and taken to Thurles Garda Station yesterday, following the possible theft of a motor vehicle, latter which was involved in a multi-vehicle collision on the M8 Motorway, between Junction 4 (Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny) and Junction 5 (Two-Mile-Borris turn off, Thurles, Co. Tipperary).

The multi-vehicle collision, which happened just before 7:00am yesterday morning, involved two cars and a truck.

A man in his late teens was rushed to South Tipperary General Hospital suffering from serious injuries.

Gardaí believe that one of the vehicles, a car, latter involved in the collision, was taken without the owner’s permission from a property in Castletroy, Co. Limerick, late the previous evening.


Cocaine Stash Seized In Tipperary

A man, understood to be aged in his late 20’s, was arrested yesterday, Wednesday, January 22nd, following the seizure of a drug consignment, believed to be cocaine, at a house in Fethard, Co. Tipperary.

The cocaine, subject to confirmed analysis, is understood to be valued in excess of some €8,000 Euros.

The drug stash was seized at approximately 1.30pm yesterday, by Gardaí from Clonmel, ably assisted by the Tipperary Divisional Drugs Unit and the Southern Region Dog Unit.

Following his arrest, the man, who is from the Fethard area, was detained at Clonmel Garda Station, before being released without charge; pending the result of a file being forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions.


Major Fears on Pensions & Health Care, Priority Election Issues

“Older adults express fears regarding pensions and health care, thus making them priority election issues” says Ind. TD Deputy Michael Lowry.

Older adults and elderly people across Tipperary are living in fear. With a growing aging population in the county, those approaching pension age are living in a no man’s land, with news that the age they will qualify for the State Pension is set to rise to 67, two years after most of them could be forced to retire.

Ind. TD Mr Michael Lowry with members of the Templemore Active Retirement Group.

Elderly people live in fear of becoming ill and facing a gruelling time on a hospital trolley, being discharged as fast as possible from hospital and having no health care package when they arrive home.

The elderly fear crime as statistics show an increased level of burglary and attacks on the elderly in their homes.

These people have, for the greater part, worked all their lives, paid their taxes, raised their families and contributed to society. The golden years they worked towards are becoming a time to dread and a far cry from what they expected they would be.

Older adults and elderly people are gone beyond anger and disillusionment – they are worried and afraid. I hear their stories every day, each one unique but with worrying similarities and I am totally committed to doing everything I possibly can to highlight their plight and fight beside them and for them if I am re-elected.

The country was rocked by the news that the age at which people can claim the State pension, which had risen from 65 to 66 just five years ago, is now set to rise to 67 by early next year. At present, some people are obliged to retire from the workplace at 65 and are already facing making Social Welfare claims to cover the gap year, until they reach 66. In many cases they cannot get any payments after 9 months, so raising the age to 67 could result in people having no income for up to 15 months between retirement and qualifying for the pension.

A suggestion that the compulsory retirement age of 65 be abolished in line with longer life expectancy, has been met with strong resistance in many areas, not least of which, from young workers hoping to enter the workplace. Some feel that workers may welcome the opportunity to work longer, but there remains no one-size-fit solution that addresses the concerns of people due to retire in the near future.

Platitudes from some politicians on introducing a ‘transition pension’ while people wait to reach the age of 67, are being dismissed as lacking in detail and substance and the majority of people I am meeting are not feeling any reassurance from these statements.

The voices of older people will be amongst the loudest in this Election campaign. I will be adding my voice to theirs as their concerns need to be heard. Supporting the needs of our older and elderly people has never been more important and I am committed to helping them in every way I can.


Lowry Welcomes Imminent Opening of Jigsaw Projects in Thurles, Roscrea & Clonmel

Minister of State for Mental Health Mr Jim Daly pictured with Tipperary Ind. TD Mr Michael Lowry.

Michael Lowry has warmly welcomed the news that further progress has been made in securing a suitable premises to house the main base for the much-anticipated Jigsaw Project in Thurles.

The National Centre for Youth Mental Health has identified three suitable locations in the town and once final consensus is reached on a premises, this vital service for the young people of Tipperary will come on stream in two to three months’ time.

With Thurles as the central base, Jigsaw plans to subsequently open hubs in both Roscrea and Clonmel, which will make access to mental health care even more readily available to young people across Tipperary.

The provision of accessible mental health care for young people has always been a priority for Michael Lowry. On learning of plans by Jigsaw to provide their services in Tipperary, Deputy Lowry immediately made representations to ensure that the base would be here in Thurles, which is central and easily accessible to the entire county.

Mr Lowry also campaigned to have hubs based in other key locations in Tipperary, once this main base in Thurles is established. To date, agreement has been reached on having hubs located in both Roscrea and Clonmel, but there is an awareness that similar hubs are needed in other areas and Deputy Lowry will continue to highlight this need.

Jigsaw is a professionally staffed service under the auspices of the National Centre for Youth Mental Health, which aims to ensure that no young person feels alone, isolated or disconnected from other around them. Jigsaw provides vital supports to young people with their mental health by working closely with communities across the country.

Jigsaw provides early intervention mental health support to young people aged 12 – 25 years old. It is recognised that mental health difficulties peak during teenage and early adult years and that many young people are unlikely to look for help. However, Jigsaw’s approach is to work with young people, and through their Youth Advisory Panel, they listen to what young people have to say and involve them in shaping the ways in which Jigsaw can help can support mental health.

Deputy Lowry says that proof of the effectiveness of Jigsaws approach to helping young people is the fact that 25% of the young people availing of the service are self-referrals. ‘Young people are reaching out themselves for this service, which proves that it is needed by our young people. I will do everything I possibly can to ensure that young people across Tipperary will have easy access to Jigsaw’ he said.

For full information on ‘Jigsaw’ visit www.jigsaw.ie


Moyne “Lisheen Lands” Portfolio Goes On Sale.

Lisheen Mine, Moyne, Co Tipperary

Investors and those wishing to acquire certain residential dwellings are expected to show interest in the sale of a large land holding of some 800 acres, latter located in the area of Moyne, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

This portfolio known as “Lisheen Lands” comprises a mix of industrial and agricultural land, and comes with the benefit of not only significant income through renewable energy, but also agricultural enterprises including outbuildings and residential dwellings.

The Lisheen Mine near Moyne ceased its operations back in 2015 and the property has since been returned to a brownfield industrial site.

The entire portfolio is now being placed on the market initially in one single lot by Dublin estate agents Knight Frank, at a guide price of an expected €11 million Euros.

These lands are officially designated as the National Bioeconomy Campus where renewable biological resources from land and sea are being used to produce energy, food and materials.

Here the area has been awarded “Modern Demonstrator Region” status by the European Commission, making it one of only six such regions within the EU to be granted this status.