New Garda Reserve Recruitment Campaign Announced.

  • Target of at least 1,000 Garda Reserve members by 2026.
  • Garda Reserves bring a variety of experiences and perspectives to AGS to support community policing.
  • Increase in the stipend for Garda Reserve Members to a maximum of €3,000 per annum.

A new recruitment campaign for Garda reserves, opens for applications today Wednesday, June 5th 2024 and will close on July 4th 2024.

The Garda Reserve is a volunteer service drawn from local communities. Reserves work alongside full time Garda members performing varied work, including with the Road Traffic Unit, ensuring public safety during State visits, policing public order incidents, assisting with crowd control at large scale public events and supporting the regular day-to-day community policing work of An Garda Síochána.

An increase in the maximum tax-free stipend to be paid to Reserve Members from €1,000 per annum for over 100 hours of volunteering in a year to €3,000 for over 200 hours of volunteering has now been secured and a graduated scale of stipend will apply depending on the total number of hours volunteered.

The new graduated scale for the stipend for Garda Reserve Members is set out on the table below.

Hours CompletedRate Of Stipend
50 Hours€500
100 Hours€1,000
150 Hours€2,000
200 Hours€3,000

The Garda Reserve was first established in 2006. There are currently 341 serving Garda Reserve Members. At its peak in 2013 the number of Reserve Gardaí reached 1,164. A target has been set to reach at least 1,000 Garda Reserves by the year 2026.

The Garda Reserve represents a real opportunity for anyone wishing to support policing and give something back to their communities. Reserves bring a variety of experiences and perspectives to the organisation, including local knowledge and links to the communities in which they serve, which brings to life An Garda Síochána’s core value of community policing.

Prospective candidates can visit for more information on how to apply.


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