FSAI Warn Of Soya In Batch Of Melvit Maka z Cieciorki (Chickpea Flour).

Food Safety Authority of Ireland warn of the presence of soya in a batch of Melvit Maka z Cieciorki (Chickpea Flour).

Alert Summary dated Friday, May 31st 2024.

Allergy Alert Notification: 2024.A19.
Allergen: Soybeans.
Product Identification: Melvit Maka z Cieciorki (Chickpea Flour); pack size: 1 kg.
Batch Code: 240206/106; best before date: 05/02/2025
Country Of Origin: Poland

Soya was detected in the above batch of Melvit Maka z Cieciorki (Chickpea Flour) which is not mentioned on the label.
This may make the batch unsafe for consumers who are allergic to or intolerant of soya.


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