Thurles Town Signposts Adjusted By Vehicles Yet Again.

Yet another seriously injured Thurles town signpost, possibly same damaged by a runaway high sided motor vehicle.

Pedestrians Beware – Dangerous Adjusted Motorway Sign.

This collision is almost a repeat of what had occurred at this very same spot on March 20th last, [see that of which I speak, HERE], which resulted in the total removal of that signage and its information, which as of yet has never been replaced.

This second collision is further proof, (as if proof was in ever in doubt), of the continued ongoing waste of funding by Tipperary engineers and other officials.

Did we really need to have a large motorway sign jutting out across a footpath, informing drivers of a now deserted/destroyed town centre; when the Thurles town centre, has moved to Thurles Shopping centre, across from the sign; thus rendering same totally obsolete.

Meanwhile, on June 7th 2024, you will be asked to vote once again for those who destroyed this once thriving business centre known as Liberty Square.

This damaged sign now needs to be made safe, as soon as possible, as the remaining clips holding the bent “Durlas Town Centre”, section is liable to fall on some unsuspecting pedestrian.

No directional sign for Dublin currently available, in Liberty Square having also been damaged/struck by a high sided vehicle.

Talking of ‘bent directional signs’‘high sided motor vehicles’ – and the deliberate ‘wasting of taxpayers money’, by Tipperary engineers and other council officials; what has happened to the sign for Dublin, latter also recently removed by the council and not replaced?


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