MTU Launch Cybersecurity Scholarship Programme.

Munster Technological University (MTU) latter, the merger between two institutes of technology, (Cork Institute of Technology and the Institute of Technology, Tralee since January 2021), has launched a cybersecurity scholarship programme, with applications now open to students.

All successful applicants are being invited to join a 10-month programme where they will receive a tax-free scholarship of €38,000.

Dr Donna O’Shea

While participants do not need to have a cybersecurity or IT background to apply, the programme will be provided with the necessary skills to evaluate, select and validate ideas for new cybersecurity products and services, which will contribute to the creation of new start-ups and innovations.

Students from IT, humanities and business are welcome to apply with the purpose of this programme to form teams with the combined abilities to produce the best cybersecurity innovations/startups.

The Chair of cybersecurity at MTU, Dr Donna O’Shea has stated: “To our potential participants: This is not just another training or startup programme, it’s a journey towards becoming pioneers in cybersecurity innovation and for you to make your mark on the world. We have the people, the mentors and some of the most advanced cyber security research infrastructure in Ireland for you to realise your success. Our graduates will be catalysts, educators, and leaders—architecting innovative cyber security solutions that bolster our national security and propel Ireland to the forefront of global cyber entrepreneurship.”


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