Like It Or Not – Clocks Go Forward Tonight One Hour.

Remember, Summer time here this ‘our green and pleasant Atlantic-shored pebble’, known as Eire, will officially, tomorrow morning, see clocks going forward by one hour.

Time goes forward one hour tomorrow morning at 1:00am.

At 1:00am tomorrow morning clocks will go forward one hour to 2:00am, while our tablets, computers and smartphones will, hopefully, update themselves automatically.

The practice of changing clocks was first introduced to save energy costs. With no legislative changes have taken place as yet, despite discussions regarding same to scrap the practice of adjusting clocks; under current EU law all 27 member states will continue to observe twice annual changes; with clocks going forward on the last Sunday in March, before going back again on the last Sunday in October.

The majority of countries outside Europe and North America do not adjust their clocks.


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