RTE To Feature Thurles St Patrick’s Day Parade.

NOTE: We learn from the Thurles St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee; same ably led here in Thurles by Mr John Kenehan, that RTE have indicated that the latter will be covering the Thurles St. Patrick’s day Parade for the first time this year.
The Parade will begin sharply at 2.30pm in the town’s centre, Liberty Square, so make sure you ladies are wearing your best bonnets.

It’s A Great Day For The Irish.

Lyrics: By Hollywood composer, arranger and associate producer, the late Mr Roger Edens (1905 – 1970).

Vocals: Internationally acclaimed American actress and singer Ms Judy Garland.
The song was partly written to capitalize on Ms Garland’s Irish roots. Ms Garland was a quarter Irish through her maternal grandmother Eva Fitzpatrick.

It’s A Great Day For The Irish

Oh, I woke me up this morning and I heard the joyful song,
From the throats of happy Irishmen, a hundred thousand strong.
Sure it was the Hibernian Brigade,
Lining up for to start the big parade.
So I fetched me Sunday bonnet and the flag I love so well,
And I bought meself a shamrock just to wear in me lapel.
Don’t you know that today’s March seventeen?
It’s the day for the wearing of the green.
It’s a great day for the Irish, it’s a great day for fair,
The side-walks of New York are thick with Blarney,
For shure you’d think New York was Old Killarney.
It’s a great day for the Shamrock, for the flags in full array,
We’re feeling so inspirish, shure because for all the Irish,
It’s a great, great day.

Begosh and begorragh, every Irish son and daughter,
Every good old Irish name and his relation.
They come from Tipperary, Donegal and County Kerry,
But they are all here to join the celebration.
Now, there’s Terrence O’Toole and Cahal O’Doherty, Patrick O’Bogle and Mullin McGrew, Mike Maley, Tim Dayley, and Barney O’Flagherty, Daniel Doolan and Shamus Carew.
Conleys and Donleys and Padraic O’Bannigan, Ryans, O’Briens, McLaughlins, and Lynch, McGloans and McFaddens and Mister Pat Flannagan, Hogans and Glogans, McPhersons and Finch.
Cowans, McGowans, and Carricks and Garricks, Mahoneys, Maloneys, O’Donnels, O’Connells,
Are here to join the jubilee!

It’s a great day for the Irish, it’s a great day for fair.
Begosh, there’s not a cop to stop a raiding,
Begorrah all the cops are out parading.
It’s a great day for the Shamrock, for the flags in full array,
And as we go a-swinging, every Irish heart is singing,
It’s a great, great day.


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