Agreement Reached On Thurles, Munster Hotel Car Park Rent.

We learned today that an agreement has been reached, allowing the public to continue to use the Munster Hotel car park, latter situated eastward, on the junction of Cathedral Street and Kickham Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Metal Cladding remains adrift on Munster Hotel roof, today in Thurles, Co. Tipperary.
Pic. G. Willoughby.

A request sent to Ms Sharon Scully (Thurles MD Administrator), with regards to the details of the new financial package, paid by taxpayers, and now agreed between Tipperary Co. Council and the owner Mr Martin Healy, for the next 12 months, has not as yet been disclosed.

The possible non availability of the parking spaces into the future had been first highlighted by Cllr. Jim Ryan, after negotiations had apparently broken down, thus promising even greater reduction in not just town centre footfall, but major issue with regards to Church services and School student transport.
This massive reduction in footfall follows the half upgrading of Liberty Square, which according to the few remaining businesses trading in the area, has been reduced by at least 65% over the past 4 years.

Regrettably, changes to parking bays on Cathedral Street; same regulations changed in favour of the parking of School buses, which previously sat within the car park, will now have to be reversed again, to ensure that small businesses in the immediate area, continue to attract consumers.

Meanwhile, the large sheet of metal cladding, adrift on the Munster Hotel roof, continues to threaten any vehicles parked in the immediate area.
One wonders whose insurance company is involved and have they been made aware of the need to correct this dangerous issue?

The waste of taxpayers money continues.

By the way, talking about Cathedral Street, Thurles; one Pedestrian Crossing light bulb (Green) has not been working for some weeks, since it was struck by a high sided vehicle, same exiting MIC (St. Patricks College Thurles).


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