Coronation Street’s ‘Fred Elliott’- Actor John Savident – Dead Aged 86 Years.

Mr John Savident, (R.I.P.)
Pic: Courtesy PA.

Mr John Savident, better known for his playing of the character ‘Fred Elliott’ in the soap ‘Coronation Street’, has sadly passed away, aged 86 years.

Born in Guernsey in 1938, of a local fisherman father and a Swiss mother; Mr Savident and his family left the Channel Islands, then under German occupation, before moving to Ashton-under-Lyne, latter a market town in Tameside, Greater Manchester, when he was just three years old.

His first adult job for some 6 years, was as a member of the police force in Manchester, where he was stabbed attempting to break up a gang fight.

Mr Savident had quit the police force and was pursuing his acting ambitions in amateur productions, when a producer overheard him talking in a pub and offered him a part as the character ‘Robin Hood’ in an upcoming London panto, thus officially launching him on an acting career.
Mr Savident first appeared on ‘Coronation Street’ in 1994 and his booming voiced character; playing the part of butcher ‘Fred Elliot’, quickly became a favourite amongst fans of the ITV soap.

His numerous storylines involved his failed love life, which included three marriages, not to mention several failed proposals. His two other previous wives were Maureen Holdsworth (Sherrie Hewson) and barmaid Eve Sykes (Melanie Kilburn).

A secret son, in the character of, ‘Ashley Peacock’; latter played by actor Mr Steven Arnold, arrived into the show, with the two characters developing a close friendship, while working together in their butchers shop.

The character of ‘Fred Elliot’ was killed off 12 years later, in 2006, having suffering a stroke on the day he was supposed to marry ‘Bev Unwin, latter played by actress Ms Susie Blake.

One of ‘Fred Elliott’s’ most distinctive character traits was that he regularly stated things twice, usually inserting the words “I say” between them e.g. “Best of British is that, I say best of British”.
Even in his death scene, ‘Fred Elliott’ said to ‘Bev Unwin’, quote, “Be happy, I say, be happy”.

Mr Savident outstanding dramatic skills were quickly recognised, resulting in his being included in many other TV, Film and Stage roles; e.g. ‘Robin Hood’, the political comedy ‘Yes, Minister’, ‘Doctor Who’, ‘A Clockwork Orange’, ‘Gandhi’, ‘Battle Of Britain’, ‘Middlemarch’, ‘The Remains Of The Day’, and ‘Hobson’s Choice’.

Mr Savident is survived by his wife; latter theatre director Ms Rona Hopkinson and his two children.

In ár gcroíthe go deo.


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