Request For Tender For An Garda Síochána Body Worn Cameras.

Mrs Helen McEntee

Statement from the Minister for Justice on publication of a ‘Request for Tender’ for Body Worn Cameras by An Garda Síochána.

Minister for Justice Mrs Helen McEntee has stated, “The government is committed to ensuring An Garda Síochána have the resources, the equipment and the technology necessary to build stronger, safer communities. This includes ensuring that Gardaí have body worn cameras, which has been a priority of mine for some time.
This Request for Tender for the procurement of Body Worn Cameras (BWC) represents another important step forward in our fight against crime.
Body cameras will be an important tool in An Garda Síochána’s armour as they fight crime, and the Recording Devices Bill, which I brought through the Houses last year, laid the groundwork for this announcement. Procuring cameras for these pilots now means that before the Summer there will be cameras on Gardaí in Limerick and Waterford, as well as two areas of Dublin City, ahead of a nation-wide roll-out.
These trials will give Gardaí a chance to understand fully what the cameras can offer, and also allow the public to provide feedback, before we roll them out across the full organisation.
The cameras will be small, lightweight, and visible and based on the experiences of other police services internationally, they will enhance accountability, reduce challenges around arrests and reduce complaints of Garda misconduct”.

Mrs McEntee continued, “We also expect they will save time in court preparation and appearances, lower costs for investigations and court appearances and improve An Garda Síochána’s ability to collect evidence for trial. All footage recorded by the cameras will be deleted after an agreed time period if not required as evidence.
Most importantly, body worn cameras will better protect victims and improve safety for Gardaí”


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