Future Death Inevitable If Neglect Of Mill Road, Thurles Continues.

The pictures hereunder show the state of neglect of Thurles by Tipperary Co. Council, as was observed on Tuesday last, along less than a 40 kilometre (¼ ml) stretch of the Mill Road, here in Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

The first picture, hereunder, demonstrates what is left of repairs undertaken by Tipperary Co. Council only a few weeks ago. Here over the past 4 years it has become obvious that this Mill Road surface is slowly sinking into the River Drish.

Mill Road sinking into the River Drish.
Pic: G. Willoughby.

Since the half upgrading of Liberty Square, (For the benefit of non residents, latter is situated in the town centre), a considerable volume of traffic including heavy duty vehicles, now veer off to use this route to avoid inevitable delays, now an everyday occurrence, when attempting to enter into the town centre.

Most traffic travelling on the Mill Road route do so in breach of existing speed limits, resulting in some 3 single vehicle collisions in as many months.
Evidence of this can be viewed, hereunder, in picture number two, where a motor vehicle has, in recent days, been removed, having collided with a signpost, leaving crash debris scattered nearby.

Evidence of one of 3 single vehicle collisions, which occurred in recent months on the Mill Road, Thurles.
Pic: G. Willoughby.

On Tuesday morning last many areas of the town were flooded, (see picture three hereunder), mainly due to the failure by Thurles Municipal Council to provide staff to clean out drains; not only in our streets, but also on this same Mill Road area.

Cathedral Street Floods again due to water flowing past clogged drains from top of Kickham Street to Barry’s Bridge area, before crossing into the area east of ‘The Source building.
Pic: G. Willoughby.

On the Mill Road, picture four shows the road flooded at the narrow bridge which crosses the River Breagagh. This flooded area sits just 4 meters (15 ft) from the river ‘s edge which is not, itself in anyway flooded, and for the past 3 years Tipperary Co. Council has failed to dig a small trench, to allow the flood water escape into the river.
This stretch of roadway now prevents all use to school going students and other pedestrians, unless those who are wearing wellingtons.

Mill Road junction flooded just just 4 meters (15 ft) from the River Breagagh.

Soon this road surface will disintegrate, resulting in yet another resurfacing project and the continued wasting of public money, by Tipperary Co. Council.


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