Benefits Of New Deposit Return Scheme

Deposit Return Scheme goes live from today.

New Re-turn logo
  1. Protect our Environment.
  2. Reduce Litter and Waste.
  3. Circular Economy Initiative.
  4. Achieve EU Recycling Targets.

From today, drinks sporting the new Re-turn logo (See Image) should start to appear in shops and supermarkets across Ireland. (Do check containers for Re-turn logo.)

Purchased containers will be required to pay a deposit in addition to the price of the drink product. The empty and undamaged container can then be returned to any participating shop or supermarket in order to obtain your initial deposit back.

A deposit of 15 cents will apply to every container from 150ml to 500mls inclusive, while a deposit of 25 cents will be required for containers over 500ml up to 3 litres.

Anything over 3 litres will not attract a charge, thus it is believed it is possible that the new scheme could spell an end to 2 litre bottles with drink manufacturing companies moving to larger 3 litre bottles. Since the deposit applies to all bottles and cans between 150ml and 3 litres per each container, the sales of large multipack minerals (slabs), same now generating an extra cost of €3.00 per 20 container pack, may also dissipate.

Any dairy drinks products in plastic containers or cartons, such as milk or yogurt drinks, are excluded from this new scheme.

Remember: Refunds can be used against any store-bought purchase or issued in cash.


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