Take Care Of Cents & Euros Will Take Care Of Themselves.

The once quote of ‘Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves’, is usually attributed to William Lowndes (1652–1724) an English Whig politician during the reigns of King William, Queen Anne, and King George I. He would become British Secretary of the Treasury in 1695 and bore the nickname “Ways and Means Lowndes”.
Despite our move to euro coin denominations in 2002, the proverb still holds that if you concentrate on saving small amounts of money, you’ll soon amass a larger amount.

But enough ‘history waffling’ from me, let’s take a look at the cost and benefits of two brands of Potato Waffles.

Data hereunder is taken from the free Yuka application (App) available to download to your phone.

Harvest Basket WafflesProduct
Rated Good 63/100
Price €1.39Birds Eye WafflesProduct
Rated Good 54/100
Price €2.99
Fibre 2.3gProtein1.7g
Saturates 1gSaturates 0.6g

Having digested the above data our readers will note that not only is the Harvest Basket Waffles rated better by the app (63/100), but the packet is larger, containing two more waffles, while the price is €1.60 cheaper than its named rival, so do keep this knowledge in mind when next you visit your local supermarket.

No I am not a paid representative for Harvest Basket Waffles. Maybe I should be!


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