The Light Within.

The Light Within

Poem Courtesy William Lindenmuth

Pic. G. Willoughby.

The Light Within

There’s a light that burns within you, that illuminates your soul.
They say its always been there, steady bright and in control.
It’s the guiding spirit that drives you, as you live your life each day,
Shining a light on the darkest paths, as you walk along the way.
It’s the light outside the shadows, a lonely life can cast,
But if you look to feel it, the darkness will not last.
There’s a light of love within you, that illuminates your face,
A gentle warmth that surrounds you, when your heart is in that place.
The brightness of the spirit, and all the love you share,
Embracing it with a passion, nurturing it with care.
Within the light is life’s meaning, things close to the heart believed,
A summation of your life time, and all things you perceived.
Live the life within you, let the light shine through,
Sharing it with others, embraced by love so true.
The light that burns within you, the warmth of life’s desire,
Let it shine on brightly, true keeper of the fire.



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