Snowdrops Inform Thurles That Spring Is Imminent.

Snowdrops began emerging, here in Thurles, Co. Tipperary, last week. Soon they will stand just 7–15cm high, while exhibiting beautiful white bell-shaped flowers on the end of erect stems, which in turn will be surrounded by two to three leaves.

Yes, Snowdrops are informing us that Spring is most definitely en route to Co. Tipperary.

‘Snowdrop Time’

By English poetess, the late Mrs Mary Webb (1811-1927).

Ah, hush tread softly through the rime*
For there will be a blackbird singing, or a thrush.
Like coloured beads the elm buds flush
All the trees dream of leaves and flower and light,
And see, the northern bank is much more white,
Than frosty grass, for now is snowdrop time.

[*The little used word ‘Rime‘ is a type of ice that forms when the moisture in fog freezes suddenly.]


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