Provisional Review Of Road Fatality Data For Year 2023.

The Irish Road Safety Authority (RSA) has a statutory remit to report on fatal, serious and even minor injury collisions on our public roads.

According to the RSA, as of December 31st, 2023 last, there have been 173 fatal collisions, resulting in 184 fatalities.

Warning Speed Kills

The above figures represent 24 higher fatal collisions and 29 more deaths, latter an increase of 19% when compared to provisional data supplied by An Garda Síochána; when again compared to the year 2022, and the highest since 2014, when, sadly, there were recorded 192 fatalities.

Of the 2023 fatalities, 57% lost their lives in single vehicle collisions, while 7 of these fatal collisions resulted in more than one death; four collisions resulted in 2 fatalities; two collisions resulted in 3 fatalities; and one collision resulted in 4 fatalities.

Statistics show that almost half of all collisions occurred under the cover of darkness, despite lower traffic volumes on our roads; with some 50% occurring on weekends.

Sadly 16 persons lost their lives due to road accidents here in Co. Tipperary in 2023, latter an increase of 7 deaths on the previous year’s total.
Of these, often avoidable deaths, nationally; 78% were males and 22% were females.

Last December a meeting of Tipperary Joint Policing Committee was informed that there was a 37% increase in speeding offences detected in the first 11 months of 2023, with a total of 16,696 offences detected, when compared to 12,182, during the same period. in 2022.

Let’s all make it a new year’s resolution in 2024 to SLOW DOWN.


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