Bruce Springsteen To Hit Kilkenny March 12th 2024.

It’s possibly the next public event that everyone in Ireland and further afield are looking forward too, in 2024. Yes, “The Boss“, with his E Street Band, will visit Ireland as part of his upcoming European tour, playing Irish venues in Kilkenny, Dublin, Cork and Belfast.
The Bruce Springsteen tour begins in Cardiff, Wales, UK, on May 5th, before he visits to play at Kilkenny’s Nowlan Park, here in Ireland on May 12th, 2024. His Kilkenny play date had sold out within one hour, having gone on sale at 8:00am on Monday November 6th 2023 last.

Jack of All Trades

Vocals: American rock singer, songwriter and guitarist; nicknamed “The Boss”, Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen.

Lyrics: Written by Bruce Springsteen, from his “Wrecking Ball” album.

Jack of All Trades

I’ll mow your lawn, clean the leaves out your drain,
I’ll mend your roof to keep out the rain,
I’ll take the work that God provides,
I’m a Jack of all trades, honey, we’ll be alright.

I’ll hammer the nails and I’ll set the stone,
I’ll harvest your crops when they’re ripe and grown,
I’ll pull that engine apart and patch her up ’til she’s running right,
I’m a Jack of all trades, we’ll be alright.

The hurricane blows, brings a hard rain,
When the blue sky breaks, it feels like the world’s gonna change,
We’ll start caring for each other like Jesus said that we might,
I’m a Jack of all trades, we’ll be alright.

The banker man grows fat, the working man grows thin,
It’s all happened before and it’ll happen again,
It’ll happen again, yeah, they’ll bet your life,
I’m a Jack of all trades, darling, we’ll be alright.

Now sometimes tomorrow comes soaked in treasure and blood,
Here we stood the drought, now we’ll stand the flood,
There’s a new world coming, I can see the light,
I’m a Jack of all trades, we’ll be alright.

So you use what you’ve got and you learn to make do,
You take the old, you make it new,
If I had me a gun, I’d find the bastards and shoot ’em on sight,
I’m a Jack of all trades, we’ll be alright.
I’m a Jack of all trades, we’ll be alright



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