Free Walk-in Clinics for Children to Receive Nasal Flu Vaccine.

Due to a significant increase in flu cases, the Health Service Executive (HSE) are offering free walk-in clinics to administer the nasal flu vaccine for children aged between 2 years-17 years.
Clinics will be available from December 27th to 29th.
Recent data has indicated a surge in influenza cases across all age groups, with children being twice as likely to contract the virus when compared to adults.

Dr. Aparna Keegan, (Consultant in Public Health Medicine at the HSE National Immunisation Office), emphasizes the importance of parents getting their children vaccinated. The vaccine not only protects young children from the effects of the flu, but also helps prevent the spread of the virus within families and communities.

The nasal flu vaccine can still be obtained from GP practices and pharmacies participating. Additionally, the HSE continues to provide the free nasal spray flu vaccine to children in Senior Infants and all children in Primary Age Special Schools.

According to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC), the number of confirmed influenza cases notified to HPSC has increased in the past week, with 283 confirmed influenza cases notified in week 49 (week ending December 10th) and 170 cases reported in week 48 (week ending December 3rd).
During week 49, 2023, influenza increased in almost all age groups but mainly in those aged 0-4 years.

The common symptoms of flu in children include high temperature, muscle pains, headache, and extreme tiredness.

The locations of the clinics are as follows:

  1. TipperaryThurles Primary Care Centre, Mitchell Street, Thurles on December 28th, from 11:00am3:00pm.
  2. LimerickGreat National South Court Hotel, Raheen Gardens, Raheen, Limerick on December 27th, from 11:00am4:00pm.
  3. ClareEnnis Primary Care Centre, Station Road, Ennis on December 28th, from 10:00am – 2:00pm.

For a list of participating pharmacies, please visit the Flu Finder website.

This initiative by the HSE aims to combat the rising flu cases and ensure the well-being of children during this flu season. Getting vaccinated remains the most effective way to protect against the flu virus.


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