Keep Your Money Safe This Festive Season.

The Allied Irish Bank Fraud Prevention Unit (Mr Tom Mullen) points to the ‘Seven Deadly Scams currently known to be in operation during this festive Xmas season; warning that criminals don’t take holidays and are finding smarter ways to steal your money.

Hereunder, the Allied Irish Bank Fraud Prevention Unit point out just seven of the ways to avoid being scammed this Xmas holiday period.

Being bombarded with texts containing links?
Don’t click on that link. Take a moment and ask yourself does this seem legitimate. If in doubt, contact the sender on a verified number to check its legitimacy.

Taxi collecting your card?
AIB will never send a taxi or courier to collect your physical card, PIN, or any security details. Always keep these details in your possession.

Offer to fix your PC?
A helpful caller wants to fix broadband or account issues or give you a refund, but needs to take control of your device. Stop. Do not download software or applications (apps) that can allow a scammer access to your personal device. Never provide one time pass codes or card reader codes to any cold caller.

Investment Opportunity too good to be true?
Then it generally is just that. Be cautious of ads advertising high returns on investments. Make sure that you’re dealing with the real provider. Always verify the provider is regulated and seek independent financial advice before parting with your money.

Checking in on your accounts?
Always login to your account by using our website at or by using our secure Mobile App on your phone. Browsing the internet for login pages can be unsafe and may result in you landing on non-AIB sites.

Security Codes being requested?
Always be cautious when providing codes from your AIB security device. Be familiar with when these are required. Do not provide extra codes when requested out of the blue.

Received an email with payment instructions?
Never make a payment on the back of an email instruction. Verbally confirm the details with the sender on a known and trusted contact number.

Please do discuss the above information with elderly parents, relatives and friends who, because of age, may not be fully IT literate.


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