Email Data No Longer Safe With Website Temu.

If you are a frequent online shopper, there is every chance that you’ve come across a site called Temu. It’s a Chinese-owned digital marketplace.
Customer who have purchased items from the Temu Ireland website, should not be surprised if they get an image shown below in their Email accounts.

First note the picture above and also retain in your memory that something which views as too good to be true, most likely is untrue; note: Temu do not send Mystery Boxes to their customers.

This is a Spam Text Message and Phishing at its very best, attempting to seeking personal detail and on no account should you click on the links requested on every line of the notification.

In yet another picture, shown immediately above, you will be asked to unsubscribe. Should you attempt to do so you will again be asked for personal details, so refrain from doing so.

Today, we contacted Temu [], re. the hacking of email data on their website and received the following reply in the form of a rather ‘limp apology’.

A portion of their reply message read: [Temu Ticket 1699871874096499]
“Thank you for contacting the Temu Customer Service Team.
We care deeply about privacy and data protection. We strictly abide to our Privacy and Cookies Policy. We believe in transparency and are committed to keeping your information safe.
From the picture information you provided. After verification, this is indeed not an official website and our team is currently taking necessary measures to resolve the issue.

We have already filed a complaint to the Message publishing platform.”

But of course they have failed to kept personal email data/information safe, as proven by the images shown above. They now join the ranks of Adobe, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, to name but a few, who in the past have each allowed Email addresses, Employers, Geographic locations, Job titles, Names, and Social media profile data to be compromised.


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