Forensic Science Ireland Annual Report 2022 Published Today.

  • Over 23,500 forensic investigations processed by FSI in 2022, including nearly 12,000 drugs cases.
  • Assisted in the identification of 12 Missing Persons.
  • The National DNA Database assisted with almost 800 investigations in 2022 and over 6,000 investigations since commencement of the DNA Database.

The Forensic Science Ireland (FSI) Annual Report for 2022 was published today.

The 2022 annual report marks an important year for FSI. Despite an increase in the volume and complexity of submissions to FSI, the agency is understood to be performing well, and has met and exceeded the majority of its targets for 2022, including issuing 23,542 forensic reports.

FSI engaged with other criminal justice agencies last year. FSI and An Garda Síochána collaborated to develop and launch “KopShop”, a mobile app that gives guidance on best practices in gathering evidence from crime scenes. FSI also actively contributed to several training programmes with AGS and the Road Safety Authority.

The agency’s work also extended beyond Ireland in 2022, and FSI undertook significant international engagement in same year.

FSI’s DNA Database System now contains over 73,000 individual DNA profiles. This compares to just 25 profiles in 2015. This growth has allowed the DNA Database to become an important tool in investigating crimes and identifying perpetrators.

In line with legislative requirements, 12,159 DNA samples taken from individuals for the purposes of generating a DNA profile were taken down in 2022, while 6,406 profiles were removed from the National DNA Database in 2022. This is an indication that FSI is adhering to the important safeguards in place to protect the integrity of the DNA Database and the persons whose DNA data is recorded on it.


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