Barbaric Sacrifice Of Harmless Animal In St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Thurles, Reiterated.

Image of whippet/greyhound killing caged Hare in St. Patrick’s cemetery Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

On July 25th 2023 last, Thurles.Info, together with the Mail On Sunday Newspaper, posted a story stating that local people had expressed anger over the fact that Thurles Municipal District Authorities were failing to introduce or indeed implement bye-laws.
Same story related to the barbaric sacrifice of a gentle, harmless, trapped, live Hare; all of which was permitted to occur in St. Patrick’s Graveyard, Moyne Road, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.
A video posted on social media and shown HERE, has already been viewed, much to the embarrassment of Thurles residents, on almost 75,000 occasions.

Garda at Thurles, having been made aware of the barbaric incident, which actually took place during a funeral service; and having viewed the social media video; undertook a criminal investigation into the issue.

This morning in St. Patricks Graveyard, the image now shown above, which met those visiting the final resting place of their loved ones, were appalled to view a 50.8cm x 76.2cm (20in x 30in) image of a greyhound sniffing a dead hare, which had been sacrificed as part of this funeral ceremony; during which, also, saw large quantities of alcohol consumed, as evidenced by the large amount of discarded bottles and cans left strewn about, for cemetery employees clean up and remove.

It would appear that the image together with a large amount of discarded wreaths was deliberately thrown in an area that would attract most attention and not in the area provided.

About time now that large plastic litter bins were positioned around this graveyard to dispose of waste matter, as is provided in other properly run graveyards.

Once again, we ask the Question; “What are we getting in return for increasingly rising Property Tax”.
It certainly is not being used in Thurles to fill potholes.


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