Public Consultation Launched on Reform of Coroner Service.

The Minister for Justice, Mrs Helen McEntee T.D. has today (20th October 20th 2023) launched a wide-ranging consultation to inform the development of proposals for comprehensive reform of the Coroner Service in Ireland.

The consultation is an opportunity for members of the public and stakeholder groups to express their views, observations and proposals on how the Coroner Service might be enhanced into the future.

While the Coroners Act of 1962 has undergone a number of amendments, the structure of the Coroner Service remains largely as it was originally established by that Act. The Government wants to ensure that the Coroner Service is positioned to provide a comprehensive service into the future. Issues such as driving innovative change and enhancing customer service have been identified as areas in need of examination.

This consultation marks a significant step forward in that process – the aim of which is to ensure that the many positive elements of the Service are maintained, while introducing improvements and enhancements where they might be required.

Responses to the consultation process will be captured through two separate questionnaires, which aim to capture the views and opinions of both individuals, latter who have engaged with the Coroner Service and those of stakeholder groups, who support the service. All interested parties are encouraged to take part in this process over the coming months, where views will be a key part of the review and reform process.

The public consultation will be open until January 19th, 2024 and following its conclusion, it is intended that proposals on a renewed Coroner system, including a proposed plan as to how this will be achieved, will be brought to Government.

Further information on the public consultation, along with the two associated questionnaires, can be accessed HERE.


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