Announced Dates Regarding Bonus Welfare Payments Announced In Budget.

Week beginning November 20th, 2023: Some 46,500 households will receive the Working Family Payment of an extra €400.
Some 214,000 people in receipt of the Disability Support Grant will also receive a bonus of €400.
A €300 Fuel Allowance lump sum will also be paid to some 409,000 households.

Week beginning November 27th 2023: Persons in receipt of the Carers Support Grant will receive a bonus of a €400 payment.
Some 237,0000 mostly those older people who receive the living alone allowance will receive an extra €200.
A €100 bonus will be paid in respect of 370,000 children in receipt of Qualified Child Benefit.
More than 2,000,000 households will have €150 taken off their electricity bill with effect from December 1st, 2023.

Week beginning December 4th 2023: Each person in receipt of welfare payment will receive a double Christmas bonus payment.
They will also receive a double Child Benefit payment of €280 per child.

Week beginning January 29th, 2024: A second double payment of all welfare payments will be paid to recipents of State Benifits.
Weekly rates of qualified child payments will increase by €4 in January 2024 bringing them to €54 for those aged 12 and over and €46 for under 12s.
Income thresholds for the Working Family Payment will increase by €54 per week regardless of family size from January 2024.
Hot School Meals will be extended on a phased basis in 2024, to all non-DEIS primary schools, latter who applied as part of the expression of interest.
Cost of living bonus for people with disabilities, pensioners, carers, and those unemployed.
Social welfare payments will increase by €12 each week with effect from the beginning of January.

Please note * The once off payment of €400 to those people getting Disability Allowance, Invalidity Pension, Blind Pension and/or Carer’s Support Grant, is only payable in respect of one payment, even if people qualify for more than one of the payments or are caring for more than one person.


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