Department Of Justice Begins Accepting Citizenship Applications Online.

  • Milestone in immigration digital modernisation programme.
  • Availability of online application service will improve customer service and process efficiencies.
  • Reduction of paper based applications positive for sustainability.

People are now able to apply for Irish Citizenship online at

The digitisation of the citizenship application process is a key milestone in the Department of Justice’s Immigration Service Delivery Modernisation Programme.

The Immigration Modernisation Programme will, over the coming years, digitise a number of currently paper-based immigration processes and introduce a portal system where individuals will be able to manage and view all aspects of their interaction with immigration services. This will improve efficiencies in the immigration system, improve the customer experience through the availability of comprehensive self service functions, improve data management and utilisation, and enhance border security capability and capacity.

The online Citizenship application service will allow potential new Irish citizens to complete their application form, upload necessary supporting documentation and pay fees online, making the application process easier and more efficient in a digital age.

It will also allow the Immigration Service to more efficiently and effectively manage applications for Citizenship, which have increased in recent years.

Note: The paper-based application will still remain available to those who cannot access an online service.


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