Ireland Winning Economic Pentathlon.

According to ‘The Economist’, latter a British weekly newspaper printed in magazine format and published digitally; Ireland is winning the EU ‘economic pentathlon’.
The publication which focuses on current affairs, international business, politics, technology and culture.
considers Ireland the best prepared country to face an economic downturn and best situated to drive long-term growth.

Image courtesy ‘The Economist’ newspaper.

They state that European economies are in for a future troubling few years, while Germany is probably already in recession.

The European Commission is forecasting growth of just 0.8% for the EU as a whole, this year, and possibly a little more next year, 2024.
Inflation is declining very slowly, which prompted the European Central Bank (ECB) to raise its rates yet again at its last September meeting.
‘The Economist’ newspaper claims that overall business confidence continues to worsen, resulting in the European Commission asking the ECB’s former boss, Mr Mario Draghi, to now come up with a plan to strengthen Europe’s economy.


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