Incorrectly Declared Milk In ‘Flora Buttery’ On Various Online Retail Platforms.

Allergen: Milk

Product Identification: Flora Buttery.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland [FSAI] have warned, this afternoon, that some packs of Flora Buttery may contain milk, same which has not been correctly declared on ‘Tesco‘ and ‘Supervalu‘ retailer websites.

The online platforms also contain declarations that the product is “Dairy-free”.
This may make the stated product unsafe for consumers, latter who may be allergic to or intolerant of milk.

The product packaging correctly highlights milk as an allergen (Buttermilk) in the list of its ingredients if it is present, and therefore consumers with an allergy to, or intolerance of milk, who have purchased this product online from Tesco or Supervalu, should check the ingredient declaration on the product packaging before attempting to consume this product.


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