Citizens’ Assembly Expected To Liberalise Current Laws On Illegal drugs.

There was a total of 45 drug driving offences detected in Co. Tipperary so far this year, despite fewer Garda checkpoints; the latter checkpoint reductions due to severe weather conditions; incidents such as traffic collisions; thefts and domestic disturbances.
Garda checkpoints are down some 27% from the 2,580 conducted over the same period last year.

Even more worrying we learn is the fact that the Irish Citizens’ Assembly on Drugs Use is expected to agree on recommendations to liberalise laws around possession of sales of common illegal drugs.
This is despite opposition to this same liberalisation from the Gardaí; the Chief Medical Officer and some medics; latter who claim that the liberalising of current drug laws will lead to more widespread drug use and will not help combat the stigma surrounding this issue.

The Irish Citizens’ Assembly (Irish: An Tionól Saoránach) is a convocation established in Ireland, back in 2016, to consider several political questions including the ‘Constitution of Ireland’; ‘abortion’; ‘fixed term parliaments’; ‘referendums’; ‘population ageing’ and ‘climate change’ with reports expected to be produced on the aforementioned topics.

Should the ‘Citizens’ Assembly on Drugs Use’ recommendations now be implemented, it is widely believed that the current existing major drugs problem will create an even more widespread drugs issue. Same would see individuals, families and communities being ravaged by addiction, previously never before experienced in this island, not to mention the serious crimes anticipated; same committed by those addicted; in order to fund their existing drug habit.

Same liberalisation it is believed will result in increased overall health problems, with lives destroyed, parent unable to take care of their children, and an overall decline in the way we live our daily lives, with the overburdened tax payer, once again, picking up the tab for required addiction drug treatment, medications, e.g. Methadone, Naltrexone (Vivitrol) etc, plus the necessary comfort, over-the-counter medications, suggested by GP’s, all readily available without a prescription and also commonly abused.

The Irish Citizens’ Assembly will not and must not be allowed to take the place of the majority of the law abiding, Irish voting public.


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