Use Of Cannabis In Ireland Is Of Huge Concern.

Cannabis sativa

The chief medical officer Professor Breda Smyth has warned that the use of cannabis in Ireland is of huge concern.

Professor Smyth speaking at the fifth meeting of the ‘Citizens’ Assembly on Drugs Use’, stated that one in five adult cannabis users will become dependent on the drug, and one in three young persons are likely to become addicted, if they continue to use the drug as little as just once a week.

Professor Smyth stated, that the strength of cannabis potency, has increased by 57% in the 10 years from 2011-2021, with people using the drug often on a daily basis.
Some 45,000 people with cannabis-use disorders, is show in the latest data available, with those under 18 years of age accounting for 80% of new presentations to cannabis addiction treatment services, making it now a significant public health problem here in Ireland.

Professor Smyth confirmed that there were 409 drug-induced deaths in 2020, with drug-related hospitalisations accounting for approximately 53,000 inpatient bed days, each year, and a steady increase in admissions to psychiatric services, all associated with drug-related causes.

She continued by stating that the profile of drug users in Ireland has changed significantly over the last 30 years and while it can affect everyone, from all social classes across Ireland; it in particular, affects most severely, those in deprived areas of our society.


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