Drug Carrying Panamanian Registered Cargo Vessel Forcefully Impounded Of Cork Coast.

Gardaí have confirmed that they are fully satisfied that there is a substantial quantity of drugs located on board a Panamanian registered cargo vessel, forcefully impounded today by the Army Ranger Wing and Gardaí off the coast of Co. Cork.

Detained in Irish waters as it attempted to sail into international waters; the cargo ship was taken by force in a major military operation using armed Gardaí and trained members of the Army Ranger Wing, aided by the Naval Service.
Latter were forced to board the MV MATTHEW, which is now being escorted into the port of Cork.
It is understood that the ship failed to stop and comply with directions to allow Irish authorities to board the vessel, hence military personnel were engaged to ‘fast rope’ on to the container ship’s deck, from the air.

Irish authorities believe that the ship is involved in trafficking cocaine across the Atlantic Ocean, before transferring it to smaller ships, for distribution to different European markets.

A second smaller boat, described as a fishing trawler, remains wedged on a sandbank since yesterday, positioned approximately 12km north of Rosslare harbour.

Originating from Latin America; today’s seizure represent a blow to the organised crime gangs and remains a part of Ireland’s continued investigation into international drug smuggling operations.
Today’s seizure is understood to have been destined for here in Ireland and other European markets and is a reflection of the amount of money willingly paid by drug addicts and casual drug users currently resident in Ireland and Europe as a whole.


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