Mikey Ryan Relates Story Of Heart Warming Gesture Gotten From A Stranger.

“I read the amazing breaking news that Irish actress and writer, Ms Amy Huberman just revealed, relating to details of a heart-warming gesture she got from a total stranger”, said I to Mikey Ryan, during a recent nightly visit to the Arch Bar in Liberty Square, Thurles.

Arch Bar, Liberty Square, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

“Setting someone on fire could be construed as a heart-warming gesture”, Mikey quickly retorted, “so what’s that one’s story?”

But before I could relate Amy’s breaking news, Mikey began to extol a tale of a heart-warming gesture he had personally experienced himself.

“No word of a lie”, said Mikey, “As you know I used to drive a bus for CIE at one time. It was at that time that I got a tap on my shoulder, and looking into the rear view mirror didn’t I spot two little old lady passengers behind me. One of them is offering me a large handful of peanuts, which not having had much breakfast, I gratefully began munching.
After about 15 minutes, she taps me on my shoulder again, before handing me yet another handful of peanuts.
She must have repeated this gesture about five or six more times and just when she was about to hand me yet another batch; I politely asked this little old dear as to, why she didn’t eat the peanuts herself?”

“The truth is my travelling companion and myself can’t chew peanuts because we’ve got no teeth,” she replied in a low whisper.
“So why do you bother buying them in the first place missus?” I asked her, being somewhat puzzled.

The old lady smiled at me before replying, “We just love sucking the chocolate that they are covered in”.

“Pat, whenever you are ready, give Mikey a pint and you had better give me a half brandy, my stomach is beginning to act up”, said I.


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