Security & Protection Review Announced For Oireachtas Members & Staff Working On Oireachtas Campus.

Security & Protection Review Announced For Oireachtas Members & Staff Working On Oireachtas Campus

The Garda Commissioner is to undertake a new security and protection review of TDs, senators, their staff and people working on the Oireachtas campus.

The chairs of the respective parliamentary parties and parliamentary groupings in the Oireachtas, and representatives of the staff and media working in Leinster House, will be asked to contribute to the review and will be met with, as part of this process.

This will allow those working in the Oireachtas to give their views on general security and protection, including their work in their constituencies, as well as on the security approach to parliamentary set days, such as Budget Day and the first sitting of Dáil terms.

This review will be concluded by the end of October and full details will be provided to the Minister for Justice Mrs Helen McEntee TD .

Officials have been asked to examine whether existing legislation is sufficient to deal with intimidation centred on our democratic institutions, including consultation with the Attorney General on this matter.

The Commissioner’s review will also feed into other work being carried out under the auspices of the Oireachtas and elsewhere, such as:-

  • The Task Force on Safe Participation in Political Life.
  • A review of security announced this week by the Ceann Comhairle.
  • The potential impact of the new security allowance for members of the Oireachtas, which was introduced earlier this year.

An Garda Síochána constantly monitors the security of elected representatives.

A recent assessment of security for office holders has led to increased protection over recent years and each Garda Division has a Crime Prevention Officer who is qualified and tasked to liaise with and provide advice to elected representatives.

Serious justifiable concerns have arisen in light of the recent incidents involving protests.


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