An Garda Síochána Tipperary Publish Shocking Statistics.

Within the past 30 days, 26 people have been killed on Irish roads.
This is indeed an alarming number of lives lost in such a short period of time.

So far this year, in the past 8 months there have been 114 fatal road traffic collisions here in the Republic of Ireland.

Same road traffic collisions have resulted in the deaths of 124 people, same categorised as follows :-

* 44 motorists
* 30 passengers ✓
* 27 pedestrians
* 17 motorcyclists ✓
* 3 cyclists
* 3 e-scooters ✓

These people are young and old, from different places and backgrounds, but all have lost their lives far too soon.

We must all take better care of ourselves and one another, on our roads.


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