Thurles Park Play Area Safety Surface Damaged By Vandals.

Here in Thurles, certain ‘uncouth barbarians’, making up about 1% of our local community, have begun tearing up strips of the pour-in-place rubber safety surface, located in our town’s much appreciated town park play area.

When introducing the surface for this Thurles play area, within the Thurles park, the most important consideration by Council officials was always safety. Thus pour-in-place rubber (also known as PIP rubber surfacing) was wisely introduced.

Poured rubber surfacing is durable, soft and specifically designed to be extremely shock-absorbent. This surface, depending on climate, remains soft with a life span of at least 15 years before requiring resurfacing.

Just 4.5 inches of this poured rubber exterior provides a surface on which any child can safely land, from a 10-foot fall, reasonably safely.
Parents and district council administrators do not have to worry about chemical sensitivities, since this rubber is manufactured using only high quality rubber, same manufactured from natural materials, thus the rubber coating is designed to resist cracks, which could be caused by severe temperatures and all types of weathering.

The torn strips of rubber, shown in the images above, are therefore the work of vandals, intent on destroying the happiness of hundreds of parents and children who actively enjoy this most magnificent facility.

Where is our €100,000 Thurles CCTV facility?
While we are unable to totally clarify, we understand that the Thurles CCTV system has not properly functioned since early 2017, and while just some of the cameras continue to work today, the actual recording equipment itself, has fully ceased in its capacity to function.
Perhaps someone could further clarify the situation.


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