Consumer Alert: Gas Hob Safety Issue

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) is warning consumers to stop using particular gas hobs which were manufactured since 2019 and sold here in Ireland.

An issue has been identified with the elbow joint on the connecting pipework of certain models of Belling, Cooke and Lewis and Caple gas hobs. The gas supply elbow joint from the hob to the gas supply may fracture and cause gas to leak. This means a risk to health or even death from burns, fire, explosion and poisoning from inhalation.

The CCPC is urging consumers to check if their gas hob is listed on the three individual product safety information notices below. Affected consumers should immediately stop using the gas hob. The CCPC is in contact with the manufacturers to ensure that they inform consumers of this safety issue and address the risks from any affected hobs. A further update will be provided as soon as possible.

The individual product safety information notices are available to read at the following links:
Belling gas hobs.
Cooke and Lewis gas hobs.
Caple gas hobs.

There are additional brands which have been affected by this issue that have been sold in the United Kingdom. The CCPC is currently liaising with Cata/Culina and Electriq to establish if any of their affected gas hobs were sold in Ireland. In the meantime, if an Irish consumer has one of the gas hobs listed in the UK safety reports below, they should stop using it immediately and contact the CCPC.


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