Limerick Killer Wayne Dundon Attacks Tipperary Jailed Inmate.

Mr Wayne Dundon

Limerick murderer and drug dealer Mr Wayne Dundon has been detained on the punishment landing of Portlaoise Prison. Mr Dundon was transferred from Mountjoy jail following a fight with fellow 27 year old Tipperary prison inmate Mr Stephen Coveney Ryan on Monday morning, July 10th last.

The fight we understand, which turned into a mass brawl, saw a blade being produced; forcing prison staff to immediately intervene. The brawl ended with four prison staff being hospitalised with non serous slash wounds, while Mr Coveney Ryan, is understood to have sustained a slash wound to his neck, requiring some 20 stitches.

An Garda Síochana were notified following the event, which prevents the Irish Prison Service from further commenting on their ongoing investigation.

Mr Dundon is regarded as one of the most volatile prisoners ever, within the current prison system, and is serving a life sentence since 2014, for the murder of innocent Limerick business man and arcade owner Mr Roy Collins, back in 2009. Mr Dundon is regularly caught in posession of mobile phones, using same reportedly to mastermind plans, from behind bars, to regain his control of the drugs trade on the south side of Limerick City. On arrival at Portlaoise prison, not surprisingly, he failed a high security metal test and is suspected to be carrying a mobile phone internally.

Tipperary man Mr Coveney Ryan is currently serving a four year sentence, having pleaded guilty to trying to choke his pregnant girlfriend and threatening to chop her up, after she refused to eat a meal he had cooked.


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