Cocaine Use On Increase In Co. Tipperary.

Co. Tipperary came fourth, behind counties Dublin, Cork, and Limerick, when it came to calculating the number of people obtaining treatment for cocaine addiction last year (2022).

Some 144 people; an increase of 30 over the previous year’s figures (2021), were identified, at yesterday’s meeting of the Tipperary Joint Policing Committee.

The figures quoted, at the meeting, were based on observations by an Garda Síochána; latter operating on the ground locally.

An Garda Síochána report that cocaine, in Ireland, is now foolishly accepted as being often “okay” and “great craic”, despite the drug’s significant impact on Irish family life, employment, escalating community crime, and personal relationships; with serious abusers of the drug often refusing to seek professional assistance, resulting in serious addiction, homelessness and often death.


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