Traffic Light Failure On Clongour Road Exiting Onto Slievenamon Road.

Junction of Clongour Road west & Slievenamon Road east (N62).

People entering Thurles from the west via Clongour Road, travelling unto Slievenamon Road should be aware that the traffic lights are out of sequence. Motorists are playing Russian Roulette in their efforts to cross the area, attempting to gain access to Lidl Supermarket on the east side; the N62 travelling south to the Horse & Jockey and the N62 entering Thurles Town travelling north.

While the sensor sequence, does work sometimes, this evening, traffic was held up for some 20 minutes eventually forcing vehicles to drive through a red light.

Locals in the area state that sensors on the road were affected by the recent upgrading of the road and since Thurles Municipal District Officials don’t get out that much, same has gone unnoticed for over a week.
Best to avoid the Clongour Road junction, instead use the Stradavoher Road, entering Thurles town centre via Friar Street or Croke Street.


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