Rescheduled Mna Month Event – Cashel Library.

“Weather Report: A 90-day journal for reflection, with the aid of the Beaufort Wind Scale”

Ms Maura Barrett, (Cashel Library) Reports:-

Rescheduled Mna Month event – “The Art of Starting Over” – starting at 11:00am on Saturday morning, May 20th, 2023 in Cashel Library Friar St, St. Francisabbey, Cashel, Co. Tipperary
Refreshments Served – Booking essential to Tel No: 062 63825
‘Weather Report’ – Margaret O’Brien – Mna Month event – Cashel Library

Margaret O’Brien’s gorgeous journaling book ‘Weather Report’ encourages you to document the beautiful and positive experiences of daily life.

Margaret cleverly uses the Beaufort Wind Scale to track personal change each day, starting with the external weather, what time of day is it, what do we see, hear and experience.

She then brings your attention inward; what do we feel inside, where is that emotion in our body?
We are invited to write or draw or doodle our experiences, then document one thing we’ve found beautiful today.

Margaret guides you through the joys of keeping a journal and discusses the pleasures and healing potential of writing.

[As featured on RTE Radio 1, Ryan Tubridy Show.]


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