Derelict Site Notice Issued By Tipperary Co. Council On Thurles Private Residence.

A ‘Derelict Site Notice’ has been served by Tipperary Co. Council, on a private dwelling, situated at No.3 Ikerrin* Road, Thurles, Co Tipperary; pursuant to section 8 of the Derelict Sites Act 1990.

The Derelict Notice was first issued, nailed to the front door of the neglected, unoccupied, property on January 10th, 2023, with the current owner ordered to make representation, ‘in writing’, no later than February 9th 2023 (one month).

Under the Act, local authorities are responsible for dealing with derelict sites in the areas they govern and can use granted powers to enforce necessary repairs.

Under the Act also, local authorities can prosecute owners who do not comply with notices served. They can make compulsory land purchases or carry out required necessary work themselves, while charging the owners for all associated costs.

Local Authorities must also maintain a ‘Derelict Sites Register’ (DSR), making the same register available for public inspection. It can remove an entry from the DSR, when it is fully satisfied that all improvement works have been carried out on the named derelict listed site.

If a property is entered on the DSR, the owner of such property becomes liable for the payment of a levy based on the market value of such property.

NOTE: * The name Ikerrin is a geographical unit of land, one of 12 baronies in County Tipperary, created after the Norman invasion of Ireland. Same baronies correspond to an earlier ‘Gaelic túath’ or a jurisdictional unit of land. Thurles town does not actually exist within the known geographical Barony of Ikerrin.
Ikerrin Road was previously known, up until the beginning of the 20th century as ‘Limekiln Lane’. Perhaps the Ikerrin reference comes from the once ruling Norman Butler families, who for seven generations bore the title ‘Viscount Ikerrin’.

We welcome persons with more qualified information regarding the ‘Ikerrin’ title, to please contact us.


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