Appeal, By Tipperary Drug Dealer Importing Cannabis In Nappies, Rejected.

The Court of Appeal have rejected the re-examination of a case by 39 year old Tipperary resident, Mr Damien Cahill, latter with an address, at Railway Close, Kilsheelan, Co. Tipperary.
Mr Cahill was appealing against a prison sentence doled out for his part in what was described as a sophisticated drug dealing operation in which cannabis was imported into Ireland, disguised as packets of nappies.

In delivering judgement today, Justice Mr Patrick McCarthy said that the court had found no error in the original sentence handed out, which was three years in prison, with the final 18 months suspended and in so dismissing the appeal, declared that the Court did not find any error in the original sentence.

Mr Cahill had been convicted at Clonmel Courthouse, South Tipperary on July 13th, 2021, of having cannabis for sale or supply, at Slievenamon Road, Ivowen, Kilsheelan, Co. Tipperary, on September 22nd, 2017.

Cannabis Offence Committed In Order To Discharge Drug Debt.

The appellant had informed Gardaí that he had previously been involved in supplying Cocaine, and he had committed the Cannabis offence only in order to discharge an existing drug debt.

Customs officers had located the drugs hidden in baby nappies and Gardaí subsequently had obtained a search warrant for the address to which the goods were to be delivered.
The appellant had made admissions, during the Garda search, that he was expecting the drugs and had been involved in the sale of cocaine in the past. The appellant was required to hand the drugs over to an unnamed male in order to clear a drug debt of up to €6,000.


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