Gardaí Warn Against Purchasing Fake Driving Licences.

Gardaí are warning motorists with regards the purchasing of fake driving licences for considerable sums of money.

They warn that while the proposition of buying a fake licence may be appealing to those persons finding difficulty with passing their driving test; same is illegal and warrants a serious criminal fraud offence.

Gardaí claim that an increasing number of fake driving licences are currently being identified, particularly in counties bordering on the east side of Co. Tipperary. Gardaí are also aware of online posts across social media, which currently offer these fake licences.

Gardaí warn that same fake licenses even if they appear to be of superb quality; the driver number cannot be matched on the National Driver Licence Service, (NDLS) system. Gardaí now routinely scan all licenses on a mobility device, which immediately highlight such imitations thus leading to an arrest.

If you drive with a fake driving license, or indeed with no license; you are driving without insurance, latter in itself a serious offence, on top of the no driving licence offence.


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