Dogs Kill 70 Sheep In North Tipperary Following A Savage Attack.

A farming family near the village of Lorrha, at the north tip of Co Tipperary, say they have lost more than 70 sheep, following a savage dog attack on their flock after Christmas.

The attack was first discovered by local farmer Mr Donal O’Donoghue, on December 27th, which found some 50 sheep killed and another 20 having to be put down due to serious injuries.

Since the initial discovery, a number of sheep that had survived the attack have also since died.

The Chairperson of the Irish Farmers Association, Mr Kevin Comiskey has stated that such ongoing dog attacks, (the 3rd attack in the midwest in recent weeks), on sheep flocks are no longer acceptable and he has called for an emergency meeting at top government level to obtain legislation, including proper responsibility for dog licensing and compulsory microchipping, same to be brought solely under the control of the Department of Agriculture.

Following this Lorrha December 27th savage attack, some sheep still remain missing, others have been located with their entire faces and body parts ripped off. Those located dead were found strewn about everywhere at the location.

Gardaí are now investigating and we understand they have already attended at the scene of this savage attack.


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