Electric Ireland Offers €50 Credit To Residential Electricity Customers.

With electricity prices having skyrocketed this year out of all proportion, partially due to the war in Ukraine, Electric Ireland have decided forego a fraction of their excessive profits accumulated from its residential electricity business, offering a €50 credit to their residential electricity customers.

The credit will apply to both Pay As You Go (PAYG) and Credit Meter customers with effect from tomorrow, December 20th.

The credit will be applied to PAYG accounts before December 24th, while credit meter customers will have it applied to their next bill.

The company also confirmed it will increase its hardship fund by €2 million, bringing its total to €5 million.

Electric Ireland’s executive director Mr Pat Fenlon said the company is “acutely aware of the pressures that customers face this winter”, adding the hardship fund “will help ensure the fund is accessible to those most in need of support, during the winter months”.

Meanwhile, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities has extended the moratorium on disconnections for non-payment of energy bills, with vulnerable customers unable to be disconnected between October 2022 and March 2023.


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