Chief Medical Officer Breda Smith Warns Of Increase In Flu & Covid Cases.

The Irish public health specialist and Chief Medical Officer, Professor Breda Smith, warned of a surge in flu cases, ahead of the 2022 Christmas festive season.

Professor Smith has confirmed that flu cases are up some 80% over the past 7 days, while Covid-19 infections have also increased considerably over the last three days.

Messaging on social media, she appealed to parents and guardians to consider getting the free nasal flu vaccine for their children.

Professor Smyth is urging people to stay at home, if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms, thus
preventing any spreading of this winter viruses.

She stated: “With Christmas just one week away, we are reporting a significant surge in flu cases, up 80% on last week’s numbers. We have a number of patients in ICU with flu this week, and unfortunately, none of them had have had their flu vaccine.
This year’s flu season seems to be having a severe impact on children in particular. In Australia 60 per cent of hospitalisations were among children. Flu is also causing a huge spike in child hospitalisations in Canada.
Covid cases have increased rapidly in the last three days. Test positivity is now almost one in five. On average, we are now seeing 75 new hospitalisations per day with Covid.”

Professor Smith further added: “We all know that vaccination saves lives. It decreases the chances of being infected and reduces the risk of severe illness from Covid-19 and flu. So please come forward and get yours.”


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