Slievenamon River Walk – Victorian Pedestrian Entrance Retained Intact.

So nice to see the Victorian pedestrian entrance on Slievenamon Road, beside Lidl, professionally retained intact after it was moved some 3.5m (10ft) to widen the existing roadway.

I note the hand cut, capping stones are also in place this evening, covered in frost blankets, to protect the fresh concrete.

Unlike the Victorian stile entrance disaster, located entering the once Great Famine Double Ditch, on the Mill Road, (Hanafin’s Folly), destroyed by Tipperary Co. Council, under the stewardship of Mr Joe MacGrath; the pedestrian entrance on the Slievenamon Road entrance has been done by by someone, who can truly call themselves a professional stonemason.

Nice work by those responsible and hopefully the Victorian cast iron revolving gate will also be returned to its original place.
Thurles residents reading this article, will remember these 2 cast iron gates at both ends of the river Suir walkway, were beautifully restored by that once engineering master, the late Mr Wilbert Houben, back in the late 1980s.

In the meanwhile, we can expect to see motorcycles using the walkway, if same is left open.

NOTE: If you are using this walkway in the company of small children, please do take care, as young unsupervised children could easily run out onto the roadway, into the ever fast moving traffic on this section of the N62.


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