Details Of Extra Funding For DSGBV Service Providers Announced.

* Extra supports to address cost pressures and meet geographic demands.
* Some €6.8m for Tusla to address acute service demands.

The Minister for Justice, Mrs Helen McEntee TD, has announced details of additional funding for domestic, sexual and gender-based violence (DSGBV) services for 2023. 

Much of the additional €6.8m is being made available through a targeted call to established DSGBV service providers already funded through Tusla.

Minister McEntee said, “This amount of additional funding being provided to domestic, sexual and gender based violence services for 2023 is unprecedented. 
Under Budget 2023 I secured an additional €9m for combatting DSGBV, which represents a 22pc increase. It is my intention that every person who needs a refuge space will have access to one, and this extra €6.8m for Tusla will be used to maintain existing services, to address existing acute demand, and for the enhancement and development of new services.
This record level of funding will also support the implementation of Zero Tolerance, our Third National Strategy on DSGBV, which I launched in late June.”

The additional allocation includes a 6pc increase to all domestic and sexual violence services funded by Tusla to address rising cost pressures, amounting to a total of approximately €1.75m. 

Tusla-funded DSGBV organisations will be invited to submit requirements or proposals for additional funding in a number of areas including:

  • €2.3m available to domestic violence services to address acute sustainability and service demand pressures, to support organisations to provide greater coverage in rural areas and for children’s support services.
  • €900,000 available for sexual violence services to meet the needs of younger people and to address geographical gaps in provision.

Approximately €1.1m for safe accommodation will be focused on the priority locations identified under the Third National Strategy.

Minister McEntee added, “In general terms the funding announced today will increase the ability of organisations on the frontline to support victims, which is especially important given the rise in those seeking help.
This Includes additional funding which is being made available through a targeted call to established DSGBV service providers already funded through Tusla.
There is an emphasis on supporting projects to address geographic need, for those with additional vulnerabilities or complex needs, and for supports for young people who have experienced sexual violence.
Tusla will contact the relevant organisations directly with details of how to apply.”

In total, Tusla has been allocated €37m for funding DSGBV services in 2023 which includes the additional €6.8m Minister McEntee was able to secure. Separate to the funding of DSGBV services, the Department of Justice has allocated €6.09m for other measures to tackle DSGBV, including through awareness raising campaigns and funding for perpetrator programmes, which are targeted intervention programmes to hold perpetrators to account and work to prevent future reoffending.

 The Department of Justice has allocated a further €5.8m to promote and assist the development of specific support services for victims of crime within the criminal justice system, including victims of domestic and sexual crime.


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