Young Novelist Launches Debut Novel In Cashel Library.

Ms Maura Barrett, Cashel Library, Reports: –

“Nikita Catherine is a young novelist from Co Tipperary. Her novel “The Tailor’s Daisy” is the latest publication from Olympia Publishers, an independent publishing house with offices in London, Los Angeles and Mumbai.

Cashel Library is delighted to announce that they will host her Irish launch on Tuesday, November 29th at 7:00pm.

“This is our second opportunity this year to showcase local novelists”, says Branch Librarian Maura Barrett, “It is really heartening to see the amount of writers we have in our midst that are seeing their projects come to fruition.”

The novel tells the story of Nikita’s Great Great Grandfather, a young man of Ireland who fought bravely in World War I and his ensuing journey in life having survived the horrors of war.

It is now generally accepted that around 200,000 soldiers, from the island of Ireland, served over the course of the Great War, many did not survive and those that did rarely if ever spoke about it. Nikita Catherine has picked up the mantel and told her relative’s story a few generations on in this inspiring novel.

Joseph Thompson was swept up in the Great War, not returning home for years. Injured and emotionally scarred, he returns to find that not everything is as he left it. Now, he must do his best to find himself after the horrors of the front line, take care of his parents, the family business, and deal with political tensions rising in Ireland.
These tensions seem to be more than he can handle, but, when he meets Mary-Kate, he will discover that maybe his life is just beginning, and that love can beat any hardships one might be faced with.

The Tailor’s Daisy is a wonderful story written with a lot of heart about the importance of family and having perseverance when faced with difficulties.

Nikita Catherine is from Tipperary, Ireland, growing up not far from the original homestead of this story’s main characters. She is their great-granddaughter, by their son Billy, and his wife Kitty.
She is a huge bookworm, fiction and history being her favourite. She based a lot of this book on the anecdotes and stories told to her by her grandmother, Kitty, on how her great-grandparents lived and raised their family in difficult circumstances, and on the stories of what her grandfather got up to with his siblings and kids.

Nikita Catherine has a diploma in photography, preferring portrait and landscape.

Olympia Publishers are an independent publishing house, with offices in London, Los Angeles and Mumbai. “We pride ourselves on our wide range of genres and giving ambitious authors a platform that is so rarely available in the publishing industry today. All of our books and authors are enormously special in their own way. We believe that a story can evoke a large range of emotions; they can make you laugh, cry and, most importantly, change a life. We have committed ourselves to being an environmentally friendly company, implementing the use of FSC paper in all our books and promotional material as well as actively encouraging writers to correspond and submit to us electronically” says James Houghton, Commissioning Editor.

The Tailor’s Daisy will be launched in Cashel Library on Tuesday 29th November 2022 at 7:00pm, by Kathleen Peters and Margaret Gleeson.
The author Nikita Catherine will be present and available to sign copies of this unique novel. It retails at €10, or two for €15 and copies will be for sale at the event.”

Cashel Library will host the event and refreshments will be served.
All welcome enquiries please to Tel No: 062 63825.

NB UPDATE – November 28th 2022: Above book launch has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances – Nikita Catherine regrets this delay and Cashel Library will be in touch in due course with a new launch date.


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