Failure To Lift Aluminium Flood Barriers Causes Thurles Flooding.

The failure to raise Aluminium Flood Barriers at the junction of Thomond Road and Emmett Street in Thurles, and the unblocking of one drain at the base of Thurles foot bridge, is causing unnecessary flooding here in Thurles.

It should be noted that as water rises on this now flooded Thurles junction, following occasional rain showers, a storm drain, less than 5 meters away, is helping to drain new excess rising flood water, successfully, back into the river.

Anti-flood flaps/valves fitted to Emmett Street road storm drains do not appear to be functioning presently, possibly due to being prevented from closing by a build up of vegetation. This neglect is caused by the Council’s pretence love of biodiversity; latter the excuse for our local Council’s failure to properly maintain our town.

Our eye in the sky captured the above picture at 4:00pm this afternoon November 3rd, showing the true cause of the unnecessary flooding, which has homes across the road using sandbags to block water from entering their homes.

The flood barriers exist, currently shut, as can be seen in the above picture, both at the swinging gates and also across the nearby wheelchair/pram entrance.

Thurles Municipal District are now being asked to monitor and temporarily lift the flood barriers to allow the vast majority of flood water to escape back into the river and to clean the offending blocked drains.

The flooding is seen by residents as an irresponsible act, carried out by Thurles Municipal District Council officials.


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